Talking Health, by The London Clinic: Robotics Surgery

"Talking Health" is a podcast produced by The London Clinic, a leading independent hospital and charity based in and around the medical district of London’s Harley Street. Our mission is to advance health care and we are launching this podcast to talk about healthcare issues which matter to you and your loved ones. In this premiere episode, we talk about the history and future of robotics surgery and how it is revolutionising the treatment of prostate cancer.

The different ways to access healthcare and the treatment options available, can be overwhelming. Our aim with this podcast series is to give voice to leading medical experts, so they can talk about the procedures and operations available now, what the future looks like, and most importantly how it feels to be the patient making decisions and undergoing treatment.

You will hear from Prokar Dasgupta, Professor of Urology and a pioneer in the field of robotics, alongside Tom, a patient who has made a full recovery after undergoing robotics surgery for prostate cancer. They share their stories and views, within the context of advancing healthcare and personal experiences.

In spite of the many healthcare challenges we face on a global scale, these are exciting times for medical evolution and we hope you find this podcast interesting, informative and inspiring.

This has been made with care by The London Clinic, to support you and your health.